The ELDA has always had a vision for outreach and mission. Here are some of the ways we have done mission work abroad.

St. Matthews Lutheran in California and Christ the King in West Chester PA
For several years they collaborated in building houses for the needy
in El Florido Mexico.

Christ the King had a young member who was deaf and they met a worker in Kenya named Lucinda Baugh. Londoni was a very poor institution there and CTK sent care packages to the kids and St.
Matthews coordinated with us to collect money to finish the next school. We also bought them pregnant heffers and we supplied soccer
uniforms for the school and we paid their teachers.

VietNam and Cambodia
See the video to the right for Don Rosenkjar and Khai Nguyen story about visiting VietNam and Cambodia

New Orleans
When hurricane Katrina struck, Pr. Gisele Berninghaus and her church Hands for Christ (Wisconsin) went to New Orleans to help with relief there. They helped rebuild there. Also Bill Lockard brought money to the Louisiana School for the Deaf to relocate families affected by the hurricane. He also helped but they weren’t necessarily collaborating there.

Donated a gift to the Haitian Timoun Foundation ($500) to help them rebuild a special school because they had deaf kids attending that
school during the earthquake.

Dorothy Sparks and Pr. Beth Lockard went to Jamaica for 10 days in 2012. They worked at a very poor school in the Montego Bay area. Then they went back in the
summer of 2014 with their own team who led a trip with Jeff and Belinda Panek and led a VBS, they also organized a library and Jeff and Bill sanded and primed the second floor. They also went to the
deaf village there. They were able to bring suitcases of supplies to the If anyone is interested contact Beth Lockard. They can also donate
to that cause. Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf in Montego Bay.